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Guide to Buying from Online Auction

1. Make sure you sign up for a bidder account from you can click here to be sent to the sign-up form.

2. There are multiple affiliates that use k-bid as a platform to sell items so make sure you read their terms and conditions as it can be different for each sale for each affiliate as well. 

3. Make sure YOU CAN pick up from the address listed during the given times. If you do not pick up during those times, we will still charge you the full amount and you probably will not receive your item. This sounds harsh but this is why it is an auction not a retail store. We conduct a lot of sales in private homes and often everything has to be out the day after. 

4. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE SALE ALLOWS SHIPPING. Again, make sure you read the terms of each sale. Shipping is usually $10-$15 on top of actual shipping charges.

5. K-bid is not like eBay. If there are any bids with less than 3 minutes to go it will reset the clock to 3 minutes. So nobody will be able to come in and "snipe" the bid with 1 second to go, if they do it will reset to 3 minutes to go. Also everything is as-is. 

6. Most of our auctions have inspections by appointment only. There are also a lot of times where we will be unable to have an inspection or a preview time. This could be due to the facility we are selling out of or out of the request of the homeowners. If we are not able to schedule and inspection for you, you will have to rely on the pictures and description the best you can.

7. If you win your item(s) show up during the given time frame at the correct location with your bidder number. (Most of the time we do not require appointments. If we do it will ask you to schedule a time)

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