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We believe the online auction format is a superior way to sell items. Below is a small sampling of why we believe so.

1. In the past few years more and more people have transitioned from buying items in person to buying items online. K-bid, the platform we use, has over 400,000 registered bidders.

2. Overall, items tend to sell for more money!

3. They are an easier format to work with. It makes it easier on our side and on your side. Nobody but our employees enter your house. It is also easier for you to keep items you wish to keep. 

4. Easier to keep track. After the sale you get an itemized report that details everything that sold and its sold price. This is great for estates that require details for court records. It also makes it easier if there are certain items that are only to be credited to certain parties. For example, if one person was a left a certain heirloom and they would rather sell it and keep the profit. 

5. It is easy to market the sale. We send you a link once the auction is live for you to send to friends to help sell it. It is also easier to solicit groups that collect your items. Such as if you had a lot of toy collectibles it is easy to find those groups send them a link and have them bid on it.


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