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 Do you have something you are looking to sell?

What We Are Looking For

The items that we want to sell are unique, rare, valuable, collectible, or sought after. If you believe you have items like this we want to sell them for you or buy them!

Here's what we like: Brewiana- Beer Signs, Advertisements, Bar Taps, Bar Related equipment, Steins (especially old German), Old Rare Beer Cans. Toys- Old metal toys, Tonka, He-Man, Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Comics, Transformers, Bar,bies, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Star Wars, Micro Machines, Coins, Jewelry, Old Signs and more


Here's what we don't like: Clear glass, China, Wedding Dresses, Collector Plates, Anniversary Items, Personalized Items, Silver Plated Items, Cheap Mass Produced Items, Illegal Items, Stolen Items, Mass Produced Paintings, Cheap Décor, ETC. 

How To Sell To Us

1. Your first step is to identify what you wish to keep and what you want to sell. That way if we come out, we have an idea of what you are working with. We do not offer estate sales on your property, but we do offer buyouts, cleanouts and in certain circumstances we will sell high value sought after items on consignment.

2. Call/text us at 952-923-7364 or email us at . We will decide whether we need to schedule a free in-home consultation, or if we want you to email/text us pics. We do not sell everything from an estate typically. We are a good solution when you do not want to host an estate sale on site or are not allowed to.


3. We recommend you label big items with tape that says "keep". For small items that you want to sell we recommend you place them in the same area as other items you want to sell or consign. 

4. Once you decide to move forward with us, we will email you a contract to sign. Once that is completed, we can either come out and pick up items for a fee or you can drop them off at our warehouse in Minneapolis for free.

5. Once the auction is over, we will host a pick-up day (some larger sales might have multiple pick-up days) where the winning bidders show up with their receipt and easily pick up their items.

6. About 7 days after the last day of pick up a check is sent out along with the sale breakdown showing an itemization of what sold and for how much. Sometimes more time is needed if additional pick up dates are needed to weather and other circumstances.

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Our Deal With You

After we determine what we want to sell for you we might do it one of 2 ways, either we will buy them or sell them on consignment.

When We Buy Items:

  • Typically 75% of the time we buy items, we reserve consignment for the best items, typically items where the value is much higher. 

  • We typically offer 30-70% of the value of the item. The more sought after, valuable and easier to sell items receive a higher percentage. 

  • Items with less desirability or damage we will pay less. 

  • You get the money up front and do not have to wait for consignment.

  • We tend to take more items when we do a buyout, consignment we are more picky.

When We Consign Items:

  • If your item(s) fit what we are looking for we might offer consignment. 

  • This is only for the most sought after valuable items. Happens about 10% of the time

  • Our percentage depends on the type of items and how much work it is to sell and the value.

  • You can bring the approved items to the warehouse on your own for no additional fee.

  • If we pick up the items we charge $60 an hour per person from the time we leave the warehouse until the time we are done unloading. We have a minimum of $125 charge as well.

  • We send a check in the mail within 14 days after the last pick up date


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