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Whether you are an individual or a business we can help you out with an affordable cleanout option

How it Works

1. Call/Text us at 952-923-7364 or fill out this form
2. We come out and give you a free onsite consultation and we will provide you with a quote. 
3. We will provide you with 2 numbers on the quote. 1 is a number of the credit you will receive for items. The second is the cost of the cleanout.
4. You can take the credit number and get paid that amount and we will only take the items we wish to sell at a later time. You do not receive any portion of the amount we sell it for. We will leave items we do not want. Or you can take that credit number and apply it to a cleanout. For example, you might receive a credit for $750 and a cleanout cost of $2,000. If you decided to do a clean out your total cost would be $1,250. $2,000 for the cleanout less a $750 credit for your items.
5. Our quote is based off what you have and how much. The more actual junk you have the more it cost. The more salvageable, donatable or sellable the less the cost.

Contact Us About a Cleanout

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