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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the discount?

    - It is the amount your receive for the value of your items, this comes off your total cost. For example we might say you have $500 worth of items and the cleanout is $1,000 so you would owe us $500 after the discounts.

How do you determine the discount?

     - It is based off what we estimate we might receive for selling the item on our own. The smaller and more sought after items get the best prices. We do not give credits for everything. Most small homes receive $250-$500 off the cleanout with the discount. Some homes have received thousands of dollars off!

How do you determine the cost of the cleanout?

    -It all depends on what the items are and what we do with the items. We will advise you what we can do to lower costs. For example if there is a lot of trash and not much to donate it may not be worth the extra cost to donate. Separating out donate does take more time and cost more, especially if you want us to bring items to donate. Certain items cost more to trash (appliances, mattresses, TVs, couches etc.), but we will advise you on more affordable ways to have these removed. Most junk removal companies charge an additional $150 or more to remove appliances. There are recycling centers that will pick these up for a fraction of the cost.

Do you donate?

    - Yes we can. You tell us before our quote and we will include that in our quote. We only donate items that donate is sure to take we do not send trash to donate.

What do you donate?

    - We only donate items that donation centers truly want. We have a very good working reputation with donation centers because they know we do not bring them junk or broken items. We do not burden donation centers with what is truly garbage, If the donation center eventually will have to throw it out we will make sure they never reach that point with us. So those common clear glasses that have no uniqueness to it will be thrown out. Basic furniture that is damaged, broken items, dirty items and mass produced "QVC" type decor will all be thrown out. We typically donate all clothing, clean and working kitchen items, clean or useful furniture. 

How much does it cost to donate?

    - Depends on how you want us to do it. If you want us to bring it to donate it will cost more or we can set it aside and you can bring it, or arrange for it to be picked up yourself and save money. 

Will we need a dumpster?

    - It depends on the size of the cleanout. We focus on large cleanouts so typically there is a lot to cleanout and a dumpster is needed. If there is not enough for a dumpster we rent a truck and bring it to the dump. We will inform you of this and the cost will be included in our quote.

How much does a home cleanout cost?

    -It really depends on what items we are dealing with and how to deal with them. The average small house usually takes about 1 day to clean out and a 30 yard dumpster and costs about $1,500 before credits. The average house with the average amount of items is about $2,500 to clean out before credits.

What are some additional costs?

    - Certain items cost more to dispose of here are some examples.

  •  Upholstered furniture such as couches and recliners are $60 an item.

  •  Mattresses and Box Springs are $90 each 

  •  Tires are $25 each

  • When you have appliances or TVs we recommend different services because they are more affordable and does not make sense for us to handle. 

How can we save on additional costs?

    -The above mentioned items do not have to go in a dumpster, if you want to take the time there are more affordable ways to dispose of these items. 

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